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Federated Works

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Federated Works provides software and support for decentralized social media, the social web, and the indie web. Projects include Federated Hub, Neuhub, and more.


This server is administered by Federated Works and hosted by TechSero Web Services. Abuse reports may be sent to TechSero via their contact us page. Abuse reports will be forwarded to Federated Works.

Software and Project information


This site is powered by Hubzilla (pro)
Version 8.8.7
Project homepage: https://hubzilla.org


This website uses themes, addons, and widgets from Neuhub.
Version 2.5
Project homepage: https://neuhub.org

Technologies & Protocols

  • Federated and decentralised networking and identity services provided by Zot: (https://zotlabs.org).
  • Remote authentication provided by: OpenWebAuth (https://magicsignon.org).
  • Additional federated transport protocols: ActivityPub
For more information on how these technologies work together, visit FederatedHub.org.
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