A Federation of Communities

Fediverse & Social Web Statistics

There are several independent websites that collect data about the fediverse and social web. These counts do not reflect the whole network due to the opt-in nature of the statistics.

As of January 17, 2024, The Federation reported an estimated 17,116,495 million fediverse users worldwide, 7,357,352 active users, and approximately 1,370,854,770 posts. This is based on the 26,009 nodes reporting to them, which includes fediverse servers and fediverse-enabled websites.

The Fediverse Observer estimated approximately 13,725,885 users worldwide, 3,523,791 active users, and 1,213,184,719 posts. Their statistics are based on 22,456 fediverse servers reporting to them.

The FediDB estimated approximately 11,177,254 users worldwide, and 1,253,547 active users. Their statistics are based on 26,084 fediverse servers reporting to them.

Users worldwide reflects the total number of accounts or channels that you can follow or subscribe to. Active users are creating posts, commenting on other people's posts, following social media accounts, and/or are logging into their accounts within the last 6 months.

Connected nodes refers to fediverse servers such as Hubzilla, Streams, Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, as well as fediverse-enabled blogs and websites, such as WordPress websites that have ActivityPub enabled.

  • 17 M Accounts &
  • 7.3 M Active
  • 1.3 B Posts and
  • 26 K Connected